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Build Your Own Bundle for 2 (options in description)

Pick one from each and build your own bundle


Selection 1:



2 Mini Spaghetti Bake

2 Mini Longhorn Chili

2 Mini Alfredo Bake

2 Mini Maple Bacon Mac & Cheese

2 Mini Longhorn Shepards Pie

2 Taco Potato Bowl

2 Chicken Poutine Potato Bowl

2 Mini Grammy’s Beef Stew

2 Mini Beef Stroganoff

2 Mini Goulash


Selection 2:



Chicken Thighs

Cheese Sausage

Garlic Sausage

Octoberfest Sausage

Ground Beef


Pork Chops


Selection 3:



Pork Schnitzel

Hot Dogs

4 Veggie Burgers

Orange Ginger Beef Ribs


Selection 4:



2 Parmesan Schnitzel

2 Lemon pepper Schnitzel

Bacon wrapped Chicken Breast

Popcorn Chicken


Selection 5:



1 Chicken Breast

4 Pack Chicken burgers

2 Stuffed Peppers

2 mini Everything Cheeseburger Pie

1 Medium Lasagna


Selection 6



Frozen Beans

Frozen Corn



Brussel Sprouts



Selection 7:



Leaf Lettuce

Boston Lettuce




Selection 8:



1 Quart Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes



Selection 9:




Hamburger Buns

Hotdog Buns

Cheese Buns

Build Your Own Bundle for 2 (options in description)

Excluding Sales Tax
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